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Chucking It All by Max Scratchmann
ISBN 978-0-9571920-2-7

How Downshifting to a Windswept Scottish Island Did Absolutely Nothing to Improve my Quality of Life...

In the true Maverick tradition, Chucking It All is the slimy under-belly of every glib getting-away-from-it-all book you ever read. Listed by Worldhum.com as one of the twelve best travel books of 2009, Chucking It All exposes the gritty reality behind all those twee bestsellers which extol the joys of sunny rural idylls.

With its remorseless true-life account of downshifting to a remote Scottish island, Chucking It All uncovers the frightening realities of relocating to “a magical island lost in the mists of time” as you follow the warts-and-all adventures of urban misanthrope, Max Scratchmann, as he valiantly tries to forge a new life in the windswept Orkney islands, and grumbles his way through unending winters with eighteen-hour nights, nocturnal visits from drunken farmers and booty calls from desperate divorcees

Irreverent, sarcastic and bitingly caustic, Chucking It All still manages to be a grudgingly affectionate portrait of rural life through the eyes of a cynical outsider, and is one of the truest accounts of “living the dream” ever published.

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