The DANNY Quadrilogy

DANNY 4 Two Dead Boys incorporating The Minor Works by Chancery Stone
ISBN 978-0-9567154-9-4

Making up the first story in this omnibus edition of the DANNY Quadrilogy 'Minor Works', is DANNY Volume 4, Two Dead Boys, an 83 page fragment from what was intended to be the final volume in the series.

Set in Manchester, it revisits old characters and new, and sets off on a whole new quest to discover the truths behind the Jackson Moores' darkest and most buried secrets: who were Danny's parents, what part do the Sutherlands play in their family history, and, last, but not least, who the hell was Harry Greaves?

Sadly, none of these questions are answered, but it does offer an intriguing novella-length glimpse of Danny's life further down the line, provoking us with some unsettling questions and throwing some light on where our heroes may - one day - be headed.

Also included in this edition are the two 'origin stories' that inspired DANNY: Nothing But A Negro and the novella, The Boy With the Red Hair; an opulent period piece exploring DANNY's themes of obsessive love and sexual addiction.

Finally, there is Death in Venice, another novella-length fragment excised from DANNY 3, set during Venice Carnival, and starring an old acquaintance from   Danny's 'lost years'. All the pieces also have in-depth introductions, explaining the history behind them.

DANNY 4/The Minor Works offers 453 pages of DANNY Quadrilogy fun facts and fabulous fiction, and provides an informative and thought-provoking must-have, end-of-the-meal finisher for every DANNY gourmet.



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