The DANNY Quadrilogy

DANNY 2.1 Die Schwarze Engel by Chancery Stone
ISBN 978-0-9567154-4-9
Die Schwarze Engel - the mythical black angel of death, of evil, of sorrow. Or of something darker than all three...

Danny has been missing for six years, when one night, drunk and confused, Stephen thinks he sees him reflected in a bar mirror, like an apparition from the past.

But surely he has imagined it? Danny haloed and burning above him like an avenging angel. Danny rescuing him from a midnight street in a sinister, dark car. Danny smelling as sweet as lemons and dressed all in black silk, as dry and caustic as Lucifer himself. Those drunken visions can't be true, can they?

But Rab believes they must be, Stephen fears they might be, and Conley knows they are. Danny is back. And now there is one overriding question burning in all their minds. What has he been doing during those mysterious missing years? And with whom?

Vulnerable, lost, and deep in mourning, Danny is ripe for the picking. But that shadowy other is ever-present, like an unspoken third, a revenant determined to be at the party, ruining their fun. Is the 'Schwarze Engel' real, or just a figment of Danny's diseased imagination? And, more importantly, can anyone finally set him free from it?


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