Poison Pixie Pulp Fiction

SATYRICON by Chancery Stone
ISBN 978-0-9567154-2-5

Poison Pixie Pulp Fiction

Is Elmer Grant a satyr, a mythic beast unable to contain his own insatiable hungers, or merely a mortal man who brings infatuation, corruption and blood into the gossiping, fussy world of a well-known London department store. Whatever his origins, Grant's entry into the staid halls of Smith & Wainright, manufacturers of fine fabrics to the Queen, is a match that ignites a powder-keg of sexual frenzy in this dark and animalistic fairy tale from the creator of The DANNY Quadrilogy.

Lean, mean and supremely erotic, it offers a sensual nightmare in a modern world, peopled with other-worldly creatures and a primeval hunger for more.

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