The DANNY Quadrilogy

DANNY 2.3 Road Movie by Chancery Stone
ISBN 978-0-9546115-4-5
On the run and desperate to evade the law, the Jackson Moores decide to take to the road and take the law with them, in the shape of an old friend.

But this time something has changed. This time there is a significance to the set-up that is oddly revealing, and more than a little reminiscent of their relationship with Ian, their bête noir, ever-present in this volume in his guise as Banquo's ghost. Perhaps stirred by Macbethian guilt, life on the road becomes one long confessional, and as the wheels spin and the race gets narrower and tighter, truths come out that can no longer be hidden, not even by the sinister, hypnotic shadow-light of nights spun out across the endless motorways of Britain.

Darker, more disturbing and more revelatory than anything that has gone before, DANNY 2.3 is the final part of this journey for our heroes. In more ways than one...


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