The DANNY Quadrilogy

DANNY 2.2 Eilean Mhor by Chancery Stone
ISBN 978-0-9546115-3-8
Eilean Mhor is a small island off the West Coast of Scotland, surrounded by ocean and blessed with long white sandy beaches. It is here Danny sets up home with his oldest adversary, and greatest friend.

At first all is wine and roses, glowing sunsets and fun on the beach. But it isn't long before old jealousies and ugly frictions start rubbing the bloom of newfound happiness off Elysium.

First there is Ewan of the violet eyes and heart-shaped face, idolising Danny and hero-worshipping the dangerous Jackson Moore charisma. Then there is Morag, buxom, sweet and keen to replace her unsatisfying local boyfriend with something hunkier. And then there is Iain - a new Iain scarily like the old one in the one way Danny fears most: a cuckoo in the nest determined to steal his life for his own.

DANNY 2.2 is the most seductive and alluring volume of The DANNY Quadrilogy, and offers us a different portrait of the Jackson Moores: happy, optimistic, even secure. But how long can it last, with hungry interlopers sneaking in every door, their gaze fixed firmly on everything Danny holds dear?


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